Steve Bannon Says Rumors False After Media Reports His “Ominous” Prediction

( Twitter erupted last week over a remark Steve Bannon made on his War Room program back in early January. During the seven-month old broadcast which occurred the day before the January 6 melee at the Capitol, Bannon said “All hell is going to break loose.”

Naturally, all hell broke loose on Twitter with many claiming that Bannon knew in advance about the so-called “insurrection.” A claim Bannon vehemently denies.

On his show last Thursday, Bannon dismissed the claim that he had foreknowledge of the melee, arguing that the context of his “All hell is going to break loose” referred to his prediction that Vice President Mike Pence was going to send the electoral college results back to Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Bannon argued that the “hell” breaking loose would be the Democrats’ reaction to Mike Pence not certifying the 2020 election.

In other words, Bannon didn’t have foreknowledge of the melee. He just made a prediction that ended up being completely wrong.

Though Bannon argued last week that it would have happened if Mike Pence hadn’t “blinked.”

But Mike Pence didn’t blink. He simply never had any intention of doing what Trump supporters wanted. On January 6, Pence sent a letter to Congress before the joint session began saying that he did not have the constitutional authority to reject any state’s Electoral College votes. In his letter, Pence argued that his role as presiding officer is “largely ceremonial.” He did recognize, however, that members of Congress have the authority under the law to raise objections and present evidence.

Bannon’s previous remarks from January 5 became front and center last week after Pelosi’s partisan January 6 special committee began hearings. According to anti-Trumper and conspiracy theorist Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe, Bannon’s January 5 comment was “proof” that Bannon knew in advance that the riot was going to take place, and “if Bannon knew, so did Trump.”

In reality, it was “proof” that Steve Bannon shouldn’t give up his day job for a career in making predictions.

But Democrats are desperate to find a way to implicate President Trump in the January 6 melee. So desperate, in fact, they are willing to believe this quote from a man who hadn’t worked in the Trump White House for three years is “proof” that President Trump knew of the so-called “insurrection” before it happened.