Steve Bannon Says Trump Is The Result Of Divine Intervention

( Steve Bannon was the keynote speaker at the event titled “Defeating the Great Reset,” which took place yesterday evening in Phoenix, Arizona. He delivered an energizing address aimed at the World Economic Forum. Bannon targeted the elites who advance globalism at the expense of individuals by directing his criticism in this direction.

Bannon used the phrase “We are never going to back off the sovereignty of this nation,” an excerpt from President Trump’s speech entitled “American Carnage,” which Trump delivered at his inauguration in 2017.

The following are some key takeaways and points Bannon made at the address the other night:

-In the United States, 0.5% of the population has more assets than the remaining 90% combined. This is a direct consequence of the financial institutions’ decision in 2008 to bail themselves out of the economic crisis.

-Before the election in 2016, the Crossfire Hurricane effort was initiated to defeat Donald Trump.

-According to Xi, the new world order is comprised of networks, markets, and systems, and China will be in charge of governing the economy of the world.

-The world’s most powerful elites were completely taken aback by President Trump’s inaugural address, which focused on the need to protect the nation-state.

-It is imperative that the New World Order be brought down and obliterated, primarily because of its indifference toward the unethical activities of its own leaders.

Bannon said that Trump is an instrument of divine providence. He said he saw it. He saw it in 2016. It was divine providence that got us there, divine providence.

“Why?” he asked.

He said it’s because of these demons and devils in places like Davos in the City of London and Wall Street. He said that’s who the opposition is in this spiritual warfare.

Bannon asked, “We’re fighting in practical means, right?”

He said the battlefield would be the ballot box and the precincts. Because the people will take what’s been passed down to them from time immemorial: democracy, a republic, freedom, free men and women, that every battlefield that anybody’s ever died on “has passed down to us.”

“You might as well spit on their grave if we’re to accept the party at Davos,” Bannon declared.