Steve Bannon Tells Trump Enemy “Get A Criminal Lawyer” Because He’s About To Get Hit

( Georgia Secretary of State famously refused to cooperate with former President Donald Trump on establishing election security in the wake of the 2020 presidential election, but now it looks as though he’s on board with the forensic audit set to take place in his state.

But it doesn’t look like he’s going to get away with standing in the way of revealing unprecedented election fraud and misconduct in his state, with former Trump advisor Steve Bannon warning him to lawyer up during an episode of his “War Room” podcast this week.

It’s important to note that Raffensperger’s support of a forensic audit of ballots in his state isn’t because he believes in election fraud – or at least, that’s what he says. Instead, he told the New York Times that an audit wouldn’t unearth fraud and would restore confidence in the system.

Bannon, however, said that Raffensperger is changing track because he knows the train is “leaving now, with the receipts,” referring to other forensic audits revealing how the last election was influenced by fraud and corruption.

Bannon added that state senators in Georgia who are not “firebreathers” but more middle-of-the-ground Republicans, who are talking about de-certifying electors from the last election based on what they believe an audit is about to discover.

It’s not clear what effect decertifying electors will have, but if the evidence is so compelling that state senators begin to decertify electors and, in turn, election results, then it throws doubt on the legitimacy of the Biden administration.

Bannon also tore into Raffensperger saying that it was his job to ensure that the election results from his state were accurate, and that instead of going on national television and mocking Trump and his supporters, he should have been analyzing the receipts.

“Raffensperger, not to self…stop whining and lawyer up!” he said on his show. “And while you’re at it bro, get a criminal lawyer.”

If this pans out the way Bannon is predicting, Raffensperger could be in a lot of trouble, and the results of the last election could soon become the biggest story in American political history…