Steve Bannon Turns On Sarah Sanders

( On Tuesday evening, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders delivered her comments just after President Joe Biden had finished his speech to a joint session of Congress. Sanders criticized what she called the “woke delusions” of the left in her address and said that the president had turned over control of the nation to a “woke mob” that “can’t even tell you what a woman is.”

Steve Bannon does not support Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ (R-AR) rebuttal to the State of the Union speech, in contrast to the majority of conservatives who chimed in on the topic.

Bannon invited a former host of Fox News, Lou Dobbs, to join him on his podcast. Dobbs said it was “a big insult” that Sanders did not name former President Donald Trump.

“Throughout the whole of Huckabee’s address, I kept yelling, ‘Say his name, say his name.’ It was meant to be a slur against President Trump,” Bannon said.

On the other hand, Dobbs said that the latter portion of the speech was “terrific.”

Bannon was still perturbed at Sanders because “she does not exist politically if it was not for President Trump.”

Bannon said that the speech, in his opinion, was at a really low standard. It delved into the concept of wokeness, which is an intriguing topic, “but you gotta get to the heart of the matter.” “The heart of the matter is the debt ceiling, the CCP. If you’re going to give a counter speech, you gotta talk about important issues,” Bannon said.

The woke movement is highly significant, but it isn’t really the crux of the issue right now, Bannon said.

Bannon and Sanders worked side by side in the White House under Trump until August 2017, when Bannon was removed from his position as chief strategist. Before being elevated to the role of press secretary that year, Sanders worked in the role of deputy press secretary.