Steve Bannon Wants Thousands Of Shock Troops Preparing For 2024

( Last Thursday, former Trump advisor Steve Bannon joined Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz on his War room podcast to talk about the possible return of former President Donald Trump to the White House.

Gaetz, who has indicated that he and his Republican colleagues will encourage the former president to become the next Speaker of the House of Representatives if the Republicans take back control of the House next year, said that people may not have liked that Trump “raised his voice sometimes” but that sometimes you have to “raise a ruckus” and an “army of patriots” to fight for the country.

“And if we get more of them in Congress, that is exactly what we are going to do, to operationalize the performance,” Gaetz added, before explaining how important it is to target those who are imposing vaccine mandates and enriching themselves from politics and by selling out the country.

Mediaite reported on the interview in horror, as if to suggest that Gaetz was calling for people to grab their guns and start attacking people – but that’s not what he said.

Why is it the Democrats can literally burn down American cities but as soon as a Republican says “raise an army” they act as if it’s a call to arms?

Bannon indicated that those who should be among the first to be taken down politically would be Joy-Ann Reid, Rachel Maddow, and Chris Hayes – whom he called the “brains of the operation for the Democratic left.”

“Brains” is probably too generous…

Bannon added people should prepare for Trump to return to power in the future, and that 4,000 “shock troops” will be needed to man the government.

“Get them ready now. Right? We’re going to hit the beach with the landing teams and the beachhead teams and all that nomenclature they use when President Trump wins again in 2024—or before,” he said.