Submarine Company Shutting Its Doors After Too Many Deaths

After the tragic implosion of the Titan submersible, which claimed the lives of all five crew members, OceanGate announced that it would halt all exploratory and commercial activities

A report shows a notice on the company’s website informing customers of the suspension. All commercial and exploratory activities of OceanGate have been halted. 

The company’s Titan submarine disappeared on a trip to the Titanic on June 18. The five individuals aboard the lost submersible were eventually determined to have perished when it exploded less than two hours into the journey. 

Tickets to see the Titanic wreck, offered by OceanGate, cost $250,000. Law experts have said that the relatives of the people who perished on the ship have no legal recourse. 

According to OceanGate’s website, the business has completed over 14 missions and 200 dives. Last year, at least 28 individuals took the underwater tour of the Titanic.

Approximately 533 yards from the Titanic, divers discovered parts of the submersible, notably the tail cone, on the sea floor. Along with the wreckage, the USCG also discovered what appeared to be human remains.

According to the Coast Guard, further investigations are being done by the Marine Board of Investigation on the evidence.

Marine Board of Investigation Chair Capt. Jason Neubauer explained that there is a great deal of effort to be made to learn from TITAN’s tragic loss and prevent anything like it from happening again.

According to a report, when exactly OceanGate decided to post the suspension notification to the webpage in tiny, red letters is unclear. As recently as last week, OceanGate reportedly still promotes tours of the Titanic debris, located around 12,500 feet below the Atlantic Ocean’s surface.
According to prior coverage by Insider, the deep sea adventure business has two trips planned for June 2024.

The OceanGate website at the time proudly announced that the 2023 expedition had begun and that interested parties could get in touch to learn more about the forthcoming dates.  OceanGate hinted that the French diver Paul Henri Nargeolet, who perished aboard the Titan submarine earlier this month, may be traveling with the passengers.