“Suicide Drone” Flaw Spotted In Newly Released Footage  

(Republicaninformer.com)- A Russian “kamikaze” drone failed to blow up a Ukrainian 2S1 Goździk as it apparently hit the metal cover, notably failing to do any significant damage to the vehicle, according to a report by the defense and national security website 19FortyFive. What remained of the lancet could reportedly be seen on top of the vehicle that Poland donated to Ukraine. Other targets of the lancet can be seen on Russian social media.  

The Russian drones have so far been successful, according to the outlet. Developed by ZALA Aero Group and first tested in Syria, they were deployed to Ukraine last year reportedly striking a series of military munitions, such as tanks, “Western-support M777 and FH70 howitzers.” In November 2022, a Russian drone is destroying a Ukrainian Gyurza-M-class gunboat, the first time the drone was seen successfully destroying a naval target.  

The Lancet drones have reportedly hit more than 100 Ukrainian targets with success. Their initial usage came on the heels of massive losses of Russia’s attack helicopters. Russia also began to deflect away from using Iranian loitering munitions and instead improve the Lancet, which has already been a “menace to Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure.”  

But the videos Russia is uploading demonstrating the effectiveness of the drones are speculated to be propaganda as this new footage of the premature explosion on a Ukrainian 2S1 Goździk circulates. The Goździk, whose platform is amphibious and able to operate in wet conditions such as through snow and swamp, appears largely undamaged by the Lancet.  

As shown in the video, the vehicle sports a 122mm 2A18 howitzer and can fire high explosive and chemical rounds. The vehicle, first produced in 1971, was initially used by the Soviet Army in Afghanistan. Its speed cross country is 30 kilometers per hour or roughly 18 miles per hour.