Supreme Court Auditor Under Biden Caught Supporting Looting

( Weeks after Haiti was hit by an enormous earthquake, President Joe Biden’s legal advisor Guy-Uriel Charles published an opinion piece in which he defended looting.

And President Joe Biden chose to appoint this man to a commission that is currently examining the current set-up of the Supreme Court, and putting forward proposals to change it. Yes, we’re talking about the commission Biden set up to help him pack the Supreme Court with minimal backlash.

The National Pulse reveals how Charles wrote that criticizing people for looting, or simply using the term “looter” is “void of empathy.”

What about empathy for the homes and businesses destroyed by these looters?

In the piece, which you can find on the CNN website, he claimed that defining somebody as a looter is a “moral judgment” that characterizes a person as “lawless and criminal.”

Which is…well, true. Looters are lawless criminals.

He continued that it suggests a person who does not have self-restraint, is an “animal,” and “depraved.”

Maybe he should ask the business owners who had their property looted by far-left extremists during 2020’s Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots whether they think those looters are depraved or misunderstood…

I the piece, he even urged media outlets to stop using the term, presumably to help aid Antifa and Black Lives Matter in their ongoing efforts to pressure politicians to bend to their political demands by inflicting terror in hundreds of American cities. He said that the media should stop using the “highly derogatory term.”

In normal circumstances, a president would be expected to immediately drop any appointee who defended criminals, but we’re not in normal circumstances…and President Joe Biden has said absolutely nothing about it.