Supreme Court Commission Decides To Sidestep Packing Question… For Now

( Remember when President Joe Biden first took office and appointed a so-called “bipartisan” commission to explore options for “reforming” (or packing) the Supreme Court? Well, that commission has finally gotten back to him, and they’ve told the president that they came to a “profound disagreement” on the matter.

But that’s no trouble for the Democrats! We’re sure President Biden will just take what he wants from it and plow ahead with his plans to pack the court with extremist judges anyway…

The commission was tasked with analyzing the framework of the court and the legality of changing how it works, with the president and his Democratic colleagues wrongly claiming that the 6-3 conservative majority on the court was illegitimate, unfair, or incorrect – despite the fact that everybody on the bench was nominated and appointed legitimately.

The commission’s report is several hundred pages long and was created by more than 30 members. It explains how supporters of packing the court claim that it is “necessary to address serious violations of norms governing the confirmation process,” despite the fact that there were no violations of norms. They also claim that there are “troubling developments in the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence” that are seen as “undermining the democratic system,” which is a widely inaccurate assessment put forward by left-wing extremists.

Opponents, however, said that expanding the court would “significantly diminish its independence and legitimacy” – which is, of course, true. They add that it would “establish a dangerous precedent” that may be used by any future political force to pressure or intimidate the court.

The report comes as the Supreme Court hears arguments in two abortions laws, one from Mississippi and another from Texas. The Mississippi case may ultimately lead to the Supreme Court ruling on whether or not Roe v. Wade is legal – and you can bet the way they rule will influence whether or not Biden plows ahead with his extreme idea of “reforming” the court.

With extreme left-wingers appointed to the court, the Biden administration could pass any illegal law it likes…