Supreme Court Justice’s Statement Changed In The Record

( The United States Supreme Court has updated the official transcript on court proceedings that took place recently, during which Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch was accused of making inaccurate claims about influenza.

While hearing oral arguments on the case relating to President Joe Biden’s unconstitutional employment vaccine mandates, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch questioned Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar and said that polio was a “terrible scourge on this country for many years” but added that the federal government didn’t mandate the vaccine for workers through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

“We have flu vaccines, the flu kills, I believe, hundreds of thousands of people every year,” he said, adding that the OSHA never purported to regulate on the basis.

But critics quickly caught on to the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are not, in fact, killed by the flu every year in the United States. It turns out, that’s not what Gorsuch said.

Looking at the transcript of the conversation which was updated by the Supreme Court on Monday, Gorsuch actually said:

“The flu kills, I believe, hundreds, thousands of people every year.”

It’s an easy mistake for people to make, but the Supreme Court didn’t notify the media about the change. Perhaps they should have, because several left-wing media news outlets already picked up on the story and wrongly claimed that Gorsuch spread misinformation during the oral arguments.

See the transcript here.