Supreme Court Not Safe As Democrats Take Over

( Even without packing the Supreme Court, which President Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats are already preparing to do, the nation’s highest court could still be in danger from left-wing radicals.

On Sunday, far-left New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez admitted that she is “inclined to say yes” in response to a question about forcing Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to resign to allow President Joe Biden to appoint a new, younger, more extreme liberal replacement.

AOC made the comments during an interview on “State of the Union” on CNN, agreeing with fellow New York Democratic congresswoman Mondaire Jones who called on Justice Breyer to resign back in April. She said that she believes Rep. Jones “has a point.”

The radical left-wing congresswoman also let slip that she and members of her “Squad” of extreme leftists are not pleased with the Biden administration so far, suggesting that the Biden Department of Justice has not been as “transformational” as she and others had hoped. She described the lack of “transformational” policies as “extremely concerning.”

Isn’t it kind of difficult to look at what President Joe Biden has done to the economy, to the border, and to the United States’ relationship with the rest of the world, and not think it has been…transformational?

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens pouring over the border every single month, and that’s not transformational? Legalizing critical race theory in American schools and government agencies isn’t transformational?

Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn picked up on AOC’s comments, stating – accurately – that even the Supreme Court isn’t safe from the Democrats’ “cancel culture.”

Justice Breyer is the oldest member of the Supreme Court, now that the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has passed away.

While President Joe Biden’s commission on the Supreme Court ponders ways to expand the court without being accused of “packing it,” Democrats like AOC are likely to continue ramping up the pressure on older Democrats on the bench to step aside for new, younger radicals.