Supreme Court refuses to get involved in CA school vaccine mandate requirement

( The Supreme Court has decided that it will not intervene – at least for now – in a dispute over vaccine mandates implemented in a school in San Diego, California.

Court filings show how an unnamed young school students had asked the Supreme Court justices to provide emergency relief from the COVID-19 vaccine mandate in her school on religious grounds. On Friday, however, the court denied the request because the school had said they would not implement the measure until August of this year.

The mandate, according to the court filings, was first implement for staff, teachers, and students over the age of 17 in September last year. It was then expected to go into effect in January, giving people time to get all of their shots, but it was delayed once again to some time this summer.

In the court order, the unnamed girl who filed the suit said that they would come back and request a fresh injunction “if circumstances warrant.”

It remains unclear whether vaccine mandates planned for implementation later this year will ultimately come into effect, given that major cities across the United States are reportedly considering removing mandates. Even Democrat-run states are removing mask mandates as the number of COVID-19 cases finally starts to fall.

It may just be a matter of time before school boards give up on trying to force children to wear masks all day every day…