Supreme Court Still Has Not Identified Leaker, Ex-Justice Breyer Says

( The U.S. Supreme Court still has not identified the leaker of the Dobbs decision, according to Conservative Brief. In an interview with CNN’s Chris Wallace, ex-Justice Stephen Breyer, who still maintains an office at the Supreme Court was asked whether the Court had found whoever leaked the draft opinion for the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (2022).

“Within 24 hours the chief justice ordered an investigation of the leaker. Have they found him or her?” Wallace asked.

“Not to my knowledge, but…I’m not privy to it,” Breyer responds.

“So in those months since, the chief justice never said, ‘Hey, we got our man or woman?’” Wallace asked.

“To my knowledge, no,” responded Breyer.

Breyer did condemn the leak, along with a majority of the other justices, calling it damaging. Chief Justice Roberts led an investigation into the incident shortly after and Justice Gorsuch reportedly said that an internal committee was appointed to lead the investigation and that he hopes they are done soon.

“It was very damaging because that kind of thing just doesn’t happen. It just doesn’t happen,” Breyer said of the leak.

Republican Representative Matt Rosendale of Montana speculated that the identity of the leaker is likely known among at least some of the liberal justices. “We all could probably agree that the justices that were appointed by Democrat presidents know who the leaker was,” he said. “What bothers me, it’s not only the undermining that it did of the institution and the trust factor that these folks have with each other,” it’s that now that the trust is broken, “it’s very difficult to restore it.”

Chief Justice Roberts has also been criticized that the leaker has neither been found nor the Court being transparent about the leakers accountability for the crime.

“Regardless of the investigation’s status,” Shawn Fleetwood wrote, “Roberts’ failure to provide swift and deserved accountability to the individual responsible sets a dangerous precedent, one where overtly political figures operating at the high court can leak decisions ahead of their release without fear of repercussion.”