Suspect Reportedly Wanted To Start A War Before Arrest

( Last week, law enforcement in Florida arrested a Putnam County man whom officials said planned to “start a war” and an “active shooter” situation.

Glen Ressler, 42, of Interlachen, Florida, was arrested by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday, October 16 after he made threats against law enforcement.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Ressler was angry with deputies after they seized his driver’s license which had been suspended during a traffic stop.

Around 3:30 am on Sunday, October 17, a concerned citizen contacted the Sheriff’s Office Emergency Communication Center informing them that Ressler had armed himself and was planning to initiate an “active shooter” situation with deputies and planned to “start a war.”

After receiving information about Ressler’s threats, sheriff’s deputies made several visits to his home in Interlochen to conduct a wellness check.

During the final visit, as deputies approached his home, one deputy, using night vision goggles, spotted Ressler approaching them wearing a tactical vest and carrying multiple firearms. The Sheriff’s Office said the deputies managed to disarm Ressler by using “dialogue, exceptional skill, and tactical planning.”

Ressler was then taken into custody.

He was charged with four counts of aggravated assault on Putnam County Deputies and one count of a domestic violence injunction.

In a statement to the local Jacksonville CBS affiliate, Action News Jax, the Putnum County Sheriff’s Office thanked the “concerned citizen” for alerting them to the situation and commended the deputies “on a job well done.”

The Sheriff’s Office credited the actions of the citizen, the Emergency Communications Officers, and the Delta Shift/West District Sheriff’s deputies for “undoubtedly” preventing Glen Ressler “from carrying out his deadly intentions.”