Sylvester Stallone Covers Up Tattoo Of His Wife

( Actor Sylvester Stallone learned the hard way that it’s never a good idea to get your wife’s face tattooed on your body.

The “Rocky” star and his wife of 25 years, Jennifer Flavin, filed for divorce last month, forcing Stallone to cover up not one, but two tattoos dedicated to his estranged wife.

According to the UK Daily Mail, after the divorce was filed, Stallone had Zach Perez, an Oklahoma City tattoo artist, design a new tattoo to cover up the ex-wife on his left arm, masking Flavin with a brightly colored leopard face.

This is the second Flavin tattoo that Stallone had to cover. Before the divorce was filed, he had a large tattoo of Flavin’s face transformed into the image of Rocky Balboa’s iconic dog Butkus.

Allegedly, Butkus wasn’t the first choice for Stallone. According to artist Mike DeVries who did the original Flavin tattoo in 2007, the actor initially wanted Wonder Woman, but DeVries talked him out of it.

Ultimately, DeVries didn’t do the Butkus cover-up tattoo. That was also done by Zach Perez.

Stallone and Jennifer Flavin have three grown daughters, Sophia, 26, Sistine, 24, and Scarlet, 20. The Stallone offspring have been filming a reality show for Paramount+.

In her petition for divorce filed in Palm Beach, Florida, the 54-year-old Flavin accused Stallone of engaging in “the intentional dissipation, depletion and/or waste of marital assets