Teacher Gets $95k Payout After Being Suspended For Refusing To Speak PC Words.

(RepublicanInformer.com)- A Kansas school system has agreed to pay a $95,000 settlement to resolve a civil complaint brought by a teacher who was fired for declining to address a female student who identified as transgender as “he/him” using the student’s chosen pronouns.

Reports show that Pamela Ricard, a math teacher at Fort Riley Middle School,l claims she was under pressure from administrators to use preferred pronouns to appease a trans kid in her class. Ricard received a negative response when she requested a religious exception to the regulation. Additionally, Ricard alleged that the school district ordered teachers to tell parents lies about their transgender students and to refrain from using the students’ trans names during parent-teacher conferences.

It is significant to highlight that these regulations were being imposed unilaterally by school district officials and that there is no state legislation in Kansas forcing anybody to use transgender pronouns. When a federal judge decided in May that Pamela Ricard had a religious right to reject censorship and to refuse to comply with pronoun restrictions, the Fort Riley School District was forced into reaching a settlement. They also ruled that teachers cannot be pressured to lie to parents of transgender students.

The Kansas incident is only one of the hundreds of cases that have come to light and demonstrated that there is a pervasive, purposeful social justice agenda throughout the American educational system. The Pamela Ricard lawsuit settlement in Kansas illustrates another element of the woke ideology that permeates public schools.

Previous reports show Florida’s anti-grooming law, which leftists dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay Bill,” caused a global uproar once evidence of transgender indoctrination and policy enforcement in schools surfaced. The -law prohibits instructors from having sexualized conversations or teaching sexual propaganda to young children. It also requires teachers to communicate their lesson plans with parents. Teachers who break the law risk being dismissed.

According to reports, the Twitter account Libs Of TikTok is well-known for showcasing hundreds of videos, most of which were created by teachers. The teachers candidly admit to exposing their children to LGBT and CRT propaganda in the classroom.

Libs Of TikTok has been accused of “hateful behavior,” leading to many bans from social media sites.
Parental awareness and involvement in this process of brainwashing have only lately begun, But it has been going on for years.