Ted Cruz Makes Embarrassing Mistake On ‘X’

Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, added another online goof to his expanding collection of gaffes. On Monday, despite his busy schedule, Cruz, a senator and podcast host, tweeted a video from an account called “End Wokeness.” But almost immediately after the video was posted, someone commented, saying that it was misleading to post.

Cruz replied to the “End Wokeness” tweet by writing, “This…is…nuts.”

The senator posted that Trump’s border wall near Tucson, Arizona, was welded open, something typical of the Biden policy on illegal immigration.

Cruz’s tweet described the wall situation as “done on purpose.” The linked video depicted a section of the United States-Mexico border wall with its floodgates open.

The tweet was later tagged with a community notification —”These floodgates must be opened in Arizona during the monsoon season. The wall between the two nations would be washed away by periodic rain and the debris it brings if the border were to stay closed. It also added that this happened even when Donald Trump was in power.

During the recent tropical storm that pounded Los Angeles, Cruz shared a picture that had been digitally edited to make it look as though a shark was swimming along the 405 roadway. Now, Cruz has unwittingly spread a lie about the border.

Cruz was embarrassed about his mistake afterward, saying that he was told the shark meme was an elaborate joke, adding that “anything can happen in Los Angeles.” He said that whether the storm heading to California was imminent, he asked that everyone kindly take precautions to ensure their safety.

Cruz suffered some difficulties in 2017 when a pornographic image on Twitter was “liked” by him. News outlets like the Guardian picked up the story and wrote blaring headlines like “Ted Cruz Twitter Account ‘Likes’ Pornographic Post.”

The Republican lawmaker’s office immediately moved into damage control gear, and the senator tried to mitigate the news by calling the incident an “honest mistake.”
He suggested that maybe a staffer liked the tweet.