Ted Cruz Responds To Joe Biden’s Vacation

(Republicaninformer.com)- Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has commented on the criticism of Joe Biden’s family vacation to the United States Virgin Islands.

An Elitist news organization reports Cruz tweeted a Fox News clip about the president’s vacation plans with the caption “Enjoy St. Croix” and palm tree, cocktail, and sun emojis.

The White House has defended the president’s vacation and stated that he would continue to work during the period.  Bidens will return to Washington, D.C. Monday.

A White House spokesperson explained that the President is working, regardless of where he is. He will continue to monitor updates closely and maintain close contact with staff.

Cruz’s tweet appeared to be a playful reference to the criticism the Republican received for his February 2021 trip to Cancun, Mexico, during a bad winter storm in Texas.  He was criticized for flying to Cancun with his family while freezing temperatures in Texas caused power outages.

Reports show Cruz initially defended his actions by claiming he flew to Cancun after his daughters requested a trip with friends when school was canceled. Upon returning to the United States, he admitted that he wanted to spend a few more days in Cancun but returned earlier due to criticism. Cruz stated that he didn’t want the trip to detract from the real issues that Texans care about, which is keeping our families safe. The Republican added it was a mistake and he would not have done it in hindsight.

According to reports, after celebrating Christmas at the White House, Biden and first lady Jill Biden left for St. Croix to ring in the New Year. The Bidens have gone on vacation at least once a year to the U.S. territory in the Caribbean since 2009.

Due to travel restrictions, Biden spent his Christmas holidays in 2020 and 2021 in his home state of Delaware, with this year’s visit being his first as president.

Several other Republican figures criticized Biden for taking a vacation abroad during a period of deadly cold in the United States.

I doubt Biden knows what is happening.