Ted Cruz Says Fact-Checkers Should Review Biden’s Latest Border Statement

(RepublicanInformer.com)- During an episode of “Hannity” that aired on Tuesday on the Fox News Channel, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) asserted that “the servile corporate media” is participating in the White House lying about the border situation.

Cruz said that we’ve all seen Karine Jean-Pierre stand there and say that people are not crossing the border. She stood at the podium at a presser and firmly stated that illegals are not walking across the border.

Cruz said that we are all accustomed to the flacks spinning facts and data, but this is just an utter fabrication of the truth. It is a flat-out lie. It is objectionably untrue.

The senator says he encouraged her to come down to the border and see for herself, and she responded that I don’t need to be lectured by Republican Senators.

He directly addressed Karine Jean-Pierre and said he would issue a challenge. He invited her to the border to spend sixty minutes with him and the Border Patrol Union. He said to bring the white house press corps. Cruz guaranteed they would come across dozens, if not hundreds, of illegal immigrants crossing the border. He said if they don’t, we don’t come across anyone, and he’ll get up and announce that he was mistaken about his prediction.

He called her out, asking her if she had the bravery and integrity to stand in front of the press corps and say, “I lied to you?” when they come across hundreds of individuals crossing the border.

Crux said that’s what an ethical press secretary at the White House would do, just to be sure that her rhetoric is sound.

He said, at the end of the day, when she lies, it affects more people than just herself. Joe Biden is the one who is paying her to lie, and every member of the compliant corporate media is the one who is rolling over. If every person who checks the facts doesn’t say “pants on fire,” that person is complicit in the falsehood.