Ted Cruz Says He Now Understands Secession Talk

(RepublicanInformer.com)- For as long as Texas has existed as an American state, there have been secessionists arguing that it is actually an independent country and should not be ruled by the United States federal government.

And while Texas Senator Ted Cruz is not a supporter of the secessionist movement in his state, he recently suggested that he understands why people feel so passionate about it.

Speaking to a student at a recent Texas A&M event, Cruz said that if the Democrats were to end the Senate filibuster and fundamentally destroy the country – and also if they were to make DC a state, pack the Supreme Court, and then federalize all elections and expand voter fraud, then there “may come a point where it’s hopeless.”

Which is…true. At some point, the Democrats may be able to exert so much control over Texas that it would not be able to make its own decision, it would not be able to protect its border, and it may gradually become a Democrat state based on the demographics and influx of illegal aliens alone.

Cruz said that he “understands the sentiment” behind the secessionist talk.

“I think Texas has a responsibility to the country, and I’m not ready to give up on America; I love this country,” he explained, adding that the state is an “amazing force keeping America from going off the cliff.”

He did also note that, should there ever come a point where things become hopeless and Texas does decide to secede, then he thinks it could survive as a state. He joked that he might even encourage popular podcaster Joe Rogan, who recently moved to the state, to run for president of Texas.

While it’s all just hypothetical talk, the direction that President Joe Biden is taking America in could genuinely be enough for the state to eventually decide to go its own way.

Might Florida want to do the same?