Ted Cruz Says Hunter Biden Probe A “Prelude” For Trump Indictment

(Republicaninformer.com)- Republican Senator Ted Cruz has come out with a new book titled “Justice Corrupted: How the Left Weaponized Our Legal System” in which he explains how the Biden Justice Department has been turned into a weapon to target political enemies.

In his book, Cruz argues that the weaponization of law enforcement began during the Obama administration but has “metastasized” since Joe Biden took office.

Among the many examples that Cruz cites is the Department of Justice directing the FBI to investigate parents protesting school boards as possible domestic terrorists.

But he also goes into great detail about the DOJ and FBI running cover for Joe Biden’s dirty-dealing son Hunter.

In a recent interview with Fox News about his book, Cruz said if Republicans retake Congress in January, they will hold the Biden administration accountable for the DOJ and FBI investigation into what the president knew about Hunter Biden’s foreign deals and the subsequent cover-up of Hunter’s laptop by the FBI and DOJ.

Cruz told Fox News that the Justice Department’s real motivation for going after Hunter on minor charges was to prepare for the eventual indictment of former President Donald Trump.

By indicting Hunter, Cruz explained, the Justice Department can indict Trump without being accused of being biased.

Cruz’s book also touches on the events of January 6 when Trump supporters stormed the Capitol.

Cruz reveals that during the riot, he “assembled our coalition in a back room,” which he describes as more of a “supply closet with stacked chairs” so they could discuss what they should do next.

He writes that some in the coalition suggested suspending their objections to the certification of electors but Cruz “vehemently disagreed.” He added that while he “understood the sentiment,” he urged his colleagues that the course they were “advocating was the right and principled one.”