Ted Cruz Slams Biden Administration’s Focus On Ghost Guns

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Texas Senator Ted Cruz hit out at President Joe Biden this week over the White House’s crackdown on “ghost guns” – arguing that the campaign was really just a distraction from the wave of violence still sweeping across American cities.

It comes as protests continue in major American cities like Portland, Oregon, orchestrated by far-left extremists and Democrat voters.

“This is a made-up problem and yet here we are having a congressional hearing pretending that so-called ghost guns are a major issue,” Cruz said.

The term “ghost gun” refers to guns that are not registered and do not have serial numbers. Ghost guns may also refer to firearms that are build from homemade kits.

“They aren’t and I look forward to the next hearing of this subcommittee on Civil War replica cannons,” Cruz joked.

A Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing is currently taking place on a rule that was proposed by Biden’s Justice Department last week, which would broaden the definition of firearms to include the so-called ghost guns. It’s one of the biggest priorities of the Biden administration, despite a massive and ongoing unemployment crisis and the continued problems at the southern border.

Under the new proposed rule, all gun kits would be required to include a serial number – though it is unclear how that would work if individuals source parts from different companies and suppliers.

Homemade gun kits also do not require background checks in most circumstances, unlike typical firearm sales.

Tackling the sale of ghost guns, however, still fails to address the fact that people who are unable to illegally own a gun can still find ways to do so.

According to the Justice Department, over 23,000 weapons that didn’t have serial numbers were seized by law enforcement officers between 2016 and 2020.

But looking at the same department’s study from 2019 found that 43% of criminals purchase their firearms from the black market anyway, meaning that banning ghost guns…might not do much.

It looks like Senator Cruz is right.