Texan Woman Who Misbehaved On Flight Being Sued by FAA

A lady from Texas is facing a civil penalty suit from the FAA seeking $81,950 because of an incident on an American Airlines aircraft where the woman was belligerent, punching and spitting on a flight attendant.

In early July 2021, while traveling from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Heather Wells was seated in business class on American Airlines flight 1774. The flight lasted about 2.5 hours, according to the complaint filed on June 3 in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas.

Wells grew increasingly agitated and wanted off the plane after ordering an alcoholic drink around one hour into the journey, according to the complaint. Fleeing to the rear of the aircraft, she collapsed to her knees in the aisle and was talking gibberish to passengers.

According to the court complaint, the passenger had a violent outburst, threatening to physically harm the flight attendant unless he moved out of her path. Allegedly, Wells “screamed and yelled profanities” as they attempted to unlock the cabin door, endangering the lives of everyone on board.

Wells escalated her aggression and physically assaulted a flight attendant who was trying to subdue her. The flight attendants managed to gain control of her with flex cuffs and duct tape. She allegedly persisted in kicking and spitting and attempted to bite and head-butt others even after crew workers duct-taped her mouth.

After the plane touched down in Charlotte, the police were waiting for Wells, but she continued her irrational conduct as they got on board. After sedating her, the cops took her off the plane.

In a subsequent radio broadcast, Wells expressed her regret and said that she had a mental health crisis.

According to her statement, she was genuinely terrified for her life at the moment, even if she later realized that her actions were irrational and that she was not in any danger.

She expressed her most profound apologies to everyone she frightened and injured. She said words fail to describe how she feels about the entire incident.

She set a precedent; no passenger has ever before been fined as much as $81,950.