Texas Governor Says The Power Grid Is Ready For Storms

(Republicaninformer.com)- The Texas Legislature implemented reforms and control measures in the wake of Winter Storm Uri.

Governor Greg Abbott explained that when subfreezing temperatures hit most of the state on Thursday, the Texas grid was dependable and ready to handle electricity demand. Abbott said that the electrical grid in the state is entirely prepared to meet demand throughout this storm. He works closely with local authorities all over the state to ensure they have the tools to keep communities safe.

The head of the public utility commission, Peter Lake, and the president and chief executive officer of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), Pablo Vegas, declared that Texas’ electrical grid is ready for the cold weather. It has more power available than ever, including enough backup fuel.

Reports show ERCOT disclosed that over the previous 18 months, it, the PUC, and elected officials had made changes to improve grid reliability. As a result, the grid’s dependability and resilience have been significantly strengthened.

The Texas Legislature implemented some reforms and control measures in the wake of Winter Storm Uri. Since then, the ERCOT grid has undergone improvements such as inspections of electric generation units and transmission facilities, a fuel supply service that offers additional fuel sources on-site for generators.

Additionally, the Railroad Commission of Texas started inspecting operators’ weatherization procedures and issued orders governing extensive industry monitoring and readiness initiatives.

According to an announcement from the Texas Oil and Gas Association,

The Permian Basin, where the arctic front is forecast to bring temperatures to the low teens in Midland, has been bracing for freezing temperatures.

But production fluctuations are expected during extreme weather conditions even with these winterization techniques in place. Sudden temperature changes cause variations in daily natural gas production because these are field operations rather than controlled factory settings.

Texans can access the Texas Department of Emergency Management’s cold weather resources, warming center information, and monitoring tools for local power outages.

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