Texas Governor To Sign Bill Banning Vaccine Passports

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Another conservative state has taken a definitive stance to make sure that vaccine passports can’t be required.

On Monday, Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, signed a new bill that would bar any government agency or business from requiring people to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before services are provided to them.

This new law extends the rules to private businesses. Abbott had previously signed an April executive order that banned any government entity from requiring the vaccine passports.

Now, private businesses must abide by the same rules. Texas’ law now says no business can require a person to show documentation that they have either recovered from a COVID-19 infection or have been immunized against it before they receive services from or gain access to a business.

Those businesses that try to require the vaccine passports would end up being barred from winning any contract with Texas or from receiving any grants from the state as well.

Abbott took to Twitter Monday to talk about the new law, writing:

“I’m signing a law today that prohibits any business operating in Texas from requiring vaccine passports or any vaccine information.
Texas is open 100% without any restrictions or limitations or requirements.”

Thus far, only two states have actually implemented rules for vaccine passports — Hawaii and New York.

In New York, residents can get a digital certificate the state is calling the Excelsior Pass if they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19. Then, large sports venues like Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium are using the passes to allow fans into sections where they can sit more closely together.

Hawaii has a Safe Travels program that allows people who are vaccinated to travel from island to island without adhering to either quarantine rules or COVID-19 testing.

Seven states thus far have enacted laws that do the exact opposite — prohibiting any form of vaccine passports from being required. North Dakota, Iowa, Indiana and Alabama have passed a similar law to Texas, which bans vaccine passports from both government entities and private businesses.

In Utah and Arkansas, the state governments have barred proof of COVID-19 vaccination from government agencies only.

Executive orders have been signed in South Carolina, Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Georgia, Florida and Arizona that limit an agency of the government from requiring proof of vaccination.

There is other legislation that’s pending in at least 12 other states.

These Republican-led states are actually on the same side as Democratic President Joe Biden, who said he wouldn’t pursue a vaccine passport on a national level.

At the same time, Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of Homeland Security, said they were working on creating some system that would allow American residents to show proof of vaccination when they are traveling abroad. Many nations in Asia and the European Union are requiring proof of vaccination before entering their countries.

Polling data is mixed on the topic of vaccine passports. Most Americans are in favor of them for attending events that have large crowds or traveling on a plane.

At the same time, a majority of Americans believe businesses shouldn’t be able to require vaccine passports to allow people to go to work, eat in a restaurant or stay at a hotel.