Texas Speaker Of The House Slurs Speech

According to a report, social media users spent the weekend debating whether Republican Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan was intoxicated or experiencing a medical episode after his odd and slurred performance as speaker last week, which went viral.

A scan of Twitter reveals that there have been prior comments, some of which have been directed against Phelan for suspected drunkenness in the state House.

User Greg Price tweeted a video of Texas House Speaker Phelan, who can be heard stumbling over his words when presiding over the chamber. 

The first Twitter response was to joke that he was inebriated. A warning was quickly issued by other users, however, who pointed out that this behavior may be indicative of a neurological disorder or possibly a stroke.

Greg Price wondered why no one checked on Phelan to see whether he was OK. 

Phelan continued to speak during the House’s debate on a measure until the House finally adjourned.

According to the Twitter watching website, Twitchy, Phelan hasn’t made any public statements since May 18, according to his website and Twitter feeds.

He was slurring and stumbling over his words, but why? Of course, there are always other explanations that may be at play, such as a severe reaction to medicine or just exhaustion.

In 2021, to prevent a vote on an electoral reform measure presented by Republicans in the Texas state House, 52 Democrats fled the state aboard a private aircraft, and the Speaker of the Texas House, Dade Phelan, issued arrest warrants for them.

The Democrat Party had claimed that minority voters would be discouraged by the Republican electoral reform measure. In response to the Democrats’ accusations, Governor Abbott has vowed to have them arrested.

The Texas Supreme Court previously approved the issuance of warrants to bring the Democrats back to the state so they could vote on the measure.

Following a vote of 80 to 12, warrants were issued to recall the Democrats to the Texas legislature.

Democrats from Texas chartered private aircraft and checked into a $200-a-night hotel in the nation’s capital for a mini-vacation.