“The Five” Gets Five Times As Many Viewers As Jake Tapper’s 5 pm Show

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Fox News’ evening show “The Five” emerged as a ratings powerhouse last month. The 5:00 pm show clocked in as the number one cable news show for the month of October, averaging 3.11 million viewers and outpacing Fox’s wildly popular primetime show “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Hardest hit, however, is Jake Tapper. “The Five” has consistently spanked Tapper’s 5 pm show “The Lead.” And last Tuesday evening, that spanking was downright humiliating.

On Tuesday, “The Five” didn’t just top Jake Tapper; it buried him, scoring five times as many viewers as “The Lead.”

Tuesday’s installment of “The Five” racked up 3.17 million viewers leaving Jake Tapper in the dust with only 630,000 viewers.

Not even halfway through the month and already November isn’t looking much better for CNN than October did.

In October, the only CNN regular program to exceed one million viewers was the 30-minute abbreviated episode of “Cuomo Prime Time” that followed Joe Biden’s Baltimore Town Hall. The President’s bungling event drew 1.2 million viewers and most of them, 1.1 million, stuck around for the shortened version of Cuomo’s show. But even with the President of the United States, CNN came in third behind Fox News and MSNBC during that time slot.

CNN’s overall October ratings showed a 76 percent drop in audiences from January 2021.

Its total day viewership in October averaged only 480,000. Meanwhile, Fox averaged 1.4 million.

Primetime was no better. In October, CNN primetime averaged 733,000 viewers — a 78 percent drop from January. Meanwhile, Fox averaged 2.6 million viewers.

“Cuomo Prime Time” was CNN’s most-watched program in the month of October. But even Cuomo could only average 807,000 viewers. Despite being number one on CNN, “Cuomo Primetime” couldn’t even break into the top 20 programs for October.