The Government is Compiling a Database of People Seeking Religious Exemptions from Vaccine Mandates

( According to an announcement from the Pretrial Services Agency, the names and religious affiliations of all employees who file for religious exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate will be kept on a database. And while the agency is small, it’s a disturbing indication that anybody who refuses to comply with the overreaching vaccine mandates implemented by the federal government will be kept on a list for the foreseeable future.

Nothing good ever comes from lists, does it?

The move could soon be implemented by other larger government agencies, forming a template for intimidating members of staff into not requesting the religious exemptions in the first place. These lists could make it easier for politically-motivated federal government officials to terminate people in the future.

If you’ve never heard of the Pretrial Services Agency, don’t worry – you won’t be the only one. It’s a small body that works with the District of Columbia providing supervision for people who are awaiting trial. It has a small staff, but most of the people working there are African Americans.

So not only is the federal government keeping a list of Black Americans who refuse to take the vaccine and comply with their mandates, but they are potentially also putting unfair pressure on a racial group that is statistically more likely to want to refuse the vaccine.

In a statement, the agency said that the system of records would maintain the “personal religious information collected in response to religious accommodation requests for religious exception from the federally mandated vaccination requirement in the context of a public health emergency or similar health and safety incident.”

The decision wasn’t made at random, either. It was a decision made by the Biden administration and the Pretrial Services Agency is just the first agency to enact such a rule. Other agencies will follow, meaning that the private religious beliefs of huge numbers of Americans working for the federal government will be kept on a federal database.

To what end? What is President Joe Biden planning on doing with this information?

See the full, disturbing statement here.