“The View” Host Reports “Extortion” From Trump Supporters 

(Republicaninformer.com)- On the Monday episode of ABC’s “The View,” Ana Navarro, the “Republican,” told her co-hosts that she thought former President Donald Trump, in concert with Trump’s minions, was “extorting” the courts. 

She said it really worries her to hear Trump and his minions trying to blackmail the American judicial system, extorting the American people, threatening them and being thugs about it and saying, if you arrest me, “there’s going to be protests.” 

Navarro said Trump promised “bedlam” if the justice department tried to arrest him. 

She said it enters the “echo chamber,” and the minions parrot this message and say, you shouldn’t indict him because it will strengthen his base. 

She indicated that while Trump says the whole thing smells like a political witch hunt, it would be political to “not prosecute somebody who’s committed a crime” and been indicted because he is an ex-president. 

Ana Navarro said, “That’s not what we do in this country.” She went on to list countries that are sometimes thought of as “banana republics,” saying that that is what would happen there. She threw in North Korea, as well. 

She said it’s unique to the United States that no one enjoys immunity from justice, conveniently forgetting all of the people who have done what Trump is accused of with nothing happening to them- John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton, to name a few. 

Navarro turned jurisprudence on its head when she declared that it “means you’re going to jail” if you committed the crime. 

That is not the case in the United States. 

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg remarked that in terms of actionable offenses, either everyone or no one would be held accountable, seemingly blissfully unaware that there is a double standard regarding the left and the right in this country. 

The Trump case will be the proof.