“The Woman King” Is Setting Box Office Records Despite Public Outcry

(RepublicanInformer.com)- The woke is never woke enough, Breitbart reported as the left’s newest film to gush over has been met with severe criticism, despite its female perspective. Professional critics have awarded the film lavishly, with a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes for its “fresh female perspective” and its timely message of “women empowered to own their own bodies.”

The $19 million movie ranked number one as of September 18 and has reportedly earned an A+ cinema score from viewers. The film featured Viola Davis who was a fierce female general focused on training the next generation of fighters. Unfortunately, many took to social media to lament what the film did not show. “The Woman King” allegedly overlooked the fact that the tribe that the film centered on, the Dahomey tribe, had a history of selling slaves to Europeans.

“The kingdom’s involvement in the slave trade doesn’t align as neatly with the historical record,” The Smithsonian Magazine reported.

“As historian Robin Law notes, Dahomey emerged as a key player in the trafficking of West Africans between the 1680s and early 1700s, selling its captives to European traders whose presence and demand fueled the industry—and, in turn, the monumental scale of Dahomey’s warfare,” wrote Meilan Solly of The Smithsonian.

Solly also adds that the King, portrayed in the film by John Boyega, had to be persuaded by the British government in 1852 to end its practice, however, the kingdom ultimately resumed the tribe’s participation in the slave trade after alternative sources of revenue were not as lucrative.

“The Dahomey warriors were not just slave traders. They would take all the young healthly people, murder the elderly & disabled and burn down everything left in the village. The term for what they did is #GENOCIDE,” one user tweeted.

Many also called to #BoycottWomenKing over the matter, with one user tweeting “Viola Davis should be ashamed of yourself glorifying people who sold her family.”

Another user criticized the writers of the film, two white women, for fictionalizing “the Kingdom of Dahomey’s utter brutality.”