This Would Be My Third Abortion’: Pregnant Activist Takes Abortion Pill On Live TV

( During a live broadcast on a local Detroit station, abortion activist Jex Blackmore ingested an abortion pill and boasted that it was her third abortion.

Blackmore engaged in this perverse publicity stunt during a segment of WJBK FOX 2’s “Let it Rip” program when she was discussing the issue of abortion pills with host Charlie Langton and pro-life attorney, Rebecca Kissling.

To demonstrate how “easy” and “safe” abortion pills are, Blackmore popped a Mifepristone pill, one of the two early-stage abortion pills available in the United States.

Naturally, the stunt prompted blowback.

Afterward, Blackmore told NBC News that when she was invited on “Let it Rip” to discuss mail-order abortion pills, she thought it was a great opportunity for her to kill two birds with one stone. She could show how effective and safe they were and she could get rid of her little problem.

Well, as long as it was good for you, Lex, you sick, evil creature.

Blackmore told NBC News in an email that it was an added bonus that she got to do this on a Fox affiliate channel. Because, you know, Fox viewers are ignorant and don’t know how wonderful abortion pills are.

Imagine just how soulless a person would need to be to cause an abortion on herself just to troll Fox viewers.

“Let it Rip” host Charlie Langton told NBC News that Blackmore’s stunt and her comments to NBC were callous. In an email to NBC, Langton compared Blackmore’s actions to someone pushing the button for a drone strike, saying it might look easy, but “most people understand the carnage which will ensue.”

But Blackmore’s stunt is hardly surprising. In the last few years, the pro-abortion activists went from “abortion should be safe, legal, and rare” to “shout your abortion.”

During the Supreme Court’s oral arguments in the Mississippi abortion law last year, a group of abortion activists made a show of taking abortion pills for the news cameras while protesting on the steps of the Supreme Court.