TikTok Sued By Indiana For Targeting Minors With Adult Content

(Republicaninformer.com)- On Wednesday, Indiana announced two lawsuits against the troubled Chinese-owned social media platform TikTok, alleging that the app is misleading users about the security of their user data and promoting harmful content to users, not of legal age.

According to the documents, the state asserted that its legal actions against the well-known app and its proprietor, Beijing-based ByteDance Ltd., are the first of their kind.

Indiana claimed in one of the complaints that TikTok’s algorithm encourages harmful content that is unsuitable for young users and is made to make users addicted. The lawsuit cites research and articles that link frequent use of the platform to teen mental illnesses like eating disorders and depression.

Todd Rokita, Indiana attorney general, told a media outlet that TikTok is actively exposing children to drug use, alcohol abuse, profanity, and sexually explicit material at a young age.  TikTok is misleading parents in Indiana.

The first lawsuit focuses on allegations that the app’s algorithm pushes age-inappropriate content toward younger users to entrap them into using it. It also claims that the business misrepresents itself as being suitable for people 12 and older, which is in violation of the state’s consumer protection laws.

In the second lawsuit, data security issues are raised. It is claimed that the company is controlled by the Chinese government, which could gain access to American user data and use it to potentially eavesdrop on or blackmail users.

Reports show concerns about TikTok’s storage of American user data and potential Chinese access to it have long existed. Although TikTok is prohibited in China, the platform’s parent company, ByteDance, is still based there.

The FBI and the Federal Communications Commission, among other federal officials, have issued warnings about the app’s security risk.

Former President Donald Trump tried to outlaw the app, to no avail.

Indiana’s lawsuits were filed on the same day that TikTok and other Chinese and Russian apps were removed from state-owned devices due to security concerns by Republican Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland.

I guess Donald J. Trump was right again.