Tim Allen Replaced As Buzz Lightyear In Disney Movie

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Fans of the legendary Disney Pixar movie “Toy Story: are speculating that the voice actor for Buzz Lightyear, Tim Allen, has been replaced for the upcoming origin movie…because of his conservative beliefs.

68-year-old Allen has been the voice of Buzz Lightyear since the first movie came out, and starred alongside Tom Hanks who played cowboy toy, Woody.

However, the upcoming “Lightyear” movie that focuses on the origins of Buzz Lightyear features Captain America star Chris Evans as the voice of Lightyear – a change 30 years in the making.


Fans are asking whether the decision to replace Allen was politically motivated given his staunch support of the Republican Party. He’s even a fan of former President Donald Trump, once saying that he likes how Trump “pissed people off.”

Disney Pixar has not responded to requests for comment on the matter, but Twitter erupted in speculation over the last week.

“Tim Allen got ‘canceled’ for wrong-think. A sad thing really,” one Twitter use by the name of Jaro The Dragon said.

Conservative commentator and author Brigitte Gabriel also pondered whether Disney canceled him for being a Republican, and said that he is “the only person capable of being Buzz Lightyear.”

He has to be, right? Buzz Lightyear has sounded the same for decades, and all of a sudden, when he finally gets an origins movie, that changes.

The new movie comes out on June 17, 2022, and will tell the story of the Buzz Lightyear character before Toy Story began.