Tim Ryan Wants Free Gender Surgeries For Illegals

(Republicaninformer.com)- Back when he was running for president, Ohio Democrat Senate candidate Tim Ryan said he would make “transgender” surgeries and hormones available to illegal immigrants at taxpayer expense.

Ryan made the pledge in an American Civil Liberties Union presidential candidate questionnaire in 2019 when he was briefly running for the 2020 Democrat nomination.

The questionnaire asked candidates if as president they would “use your executive authority” to make sure transgenders who received state-funded medical care, “including those in prison and immigration detention,” will be given access to “comprehensive treatment associated with gender transition,” including surgery. It instructed candidates choosing “Yes,” to provide a detailed explanation of how they would do it.

The Ryan campaign checked the “Yes” box. However, the campaign provided no detailed explanation.

But checking “Yes” in 2019 was an easy answer to make for the so-called “moderate” Democrat. In 2019, the transgender activists hadn’t prompted the significant public blowback we are witnessing today.

Now that hospitals have been exposed for providing chemical and surgical mutilation to minors, the issue has come to the forefront.

Couple that with the massive, unprecedented flood of illegal aliens at the border since Joe Biden took office, and voters aren’t likely to be thrilled with the news that so-called “moderate” Tim Ryan favors providing transgender surgeries to illegal aliens paid for by already struggling American taxpayers.

A spokesperson for Ryan’s Republican challenger J.D. Vance recently told Fox News that Tim Ryan’s support for taxpayer-funded transgender surgeries for illegals exposes how radical Ryan is. Ryan isn’t the moderate he claims to be, the spokesperson said. Instead, he is “just a far-left, woke liberal who wants to waste taxpayer money on insane ideas like this.”

The Real Clear Politics average of polls gives J.D. Vance a 7.5-point lead over Tim Ryan, 51 percent to 43.5 percent.