Tim Scott Calls Out Biased “The View” Hosts

On Monday’s episode of “The View,” South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott pushed back against claims made by the show’s co-hosts that his achievements were the “exception” rather than the “rule” for African-Americans in America.

According to a report, Scott remarked during his segment on the show that to be the exception and not the rule is not the only way for a young African American kid to be successful in this country. To tell today’s youth that their only chance to achieve is to be the exception is a dangerous, disrespectful, and repulsive message.

Scott informed the show’s presenters that things had changed since his grandfather’s time when black people in the South had to walk across the street to avoid making eye contact with white people.

He stated that a black President, a black Vice President, and two African Americans as secretaries of state have been in office. The police chief in his home state is an African American who is currently running for mayor. The leader of the South Carolina highway patrol is of African American descent.

The report shows the Republican Presidential candidate, Senator Tim Scott, mentioned that the black unemployment rate was less than 5% throughout former President Donald Trump’s administration and compared it to the 15% unemployment rate for minorities in the 1970s.

A media release from November 2019 showed that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the black unemployment rate dropped to 5.4%. According to USA Today, that’s the lowest rate of black unemployment since 1972.

In August, the index measuring black Americans’ access to economic opportunity hit a historic low of 5.5 percent. In September, it hit the same record low. During October, it hit an all-time low.

The November 2016 election of Donald Trump coincided with a national black unemployment rate of 8%.

Senator Scott said that advancement in America is palpable. It is possible to measure it in generations. Yesterday’s ‘exception’ has become today’s norm.