Top Biden Nominee For Banks Is Soviet-born Communist With History Of Shoplifting

( Saule Omarova, President Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, was reportedly arrested for stealing two bottles of cologne, two belts, four pairs of shoes, and some socks in 1995. The stolen goods were valued at $214, according to reports that came out on Wednesday.

And it’s not even the most concerning thing about her. Omarova has repeatedly espoused communist beliefs. Born in the Soviet Union, Omarova has advocated extremist positions like ending private banking and requiring all American citizens to have accounts with a federal bank where the government can more easily see their assets.

A security agent who worked for TJ Maxx and was on duty when Omarova decided to steal the goods recently told Fox News about the incident. The agent said that Omarova placed the random selection of goods in a large purse before hiding them with other items of clothing.

She then went to the jewelry counter where she paid for some goods, but not for the goods she had hidden in her purse.

The security worker told the story on the condition of anonymity, and described how he confronted Omarova as she was leaving the building with the items in her bag. Omarova was reportedly “cooperative” and “immediately requested to pay for the items.”

When a police officer was called, Omarova was read her rights, which she then reportedly waived. She “admitted to have stolen the times,” according to a police report.

Further details of the incident were released by the American Accountability Foundation on Twitter. The case report, which was published by the group, has caused further trouble for Omarova in her effort to be confirmed by the Senate.

Despite the unearthed information, the White House said on Wednesday that the far-left radical is “eminently qualified” for the position and was nominated by the president “given her strong track record on regulation and strong academic credentials.”

The American federal government is hiring a woman who committed retail theft and who supports communist ideas.

That’s 2021 for you…