Top Biden Official Accused Of Violating Hatch Act

( A complaint has been officially filed by ethics watchdog Protect the Public’s Trust against Joe Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. The complaint was filed with the Office of Special Counsel and encourages an investigation into an alleged violation of the Hatch Act. Granholm is accused of violating the law by appearing at a campaign event for Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe.

The complaint described how Granholm is legally prohibited from appearing at such an event in her official capacity as a member of President Joe Biden’s cabinet. Granholm appeared in an official capacity at Virginia’s Portsmouth Marine Terminal to announce the construction of a new wind turbine facility, before attending only hours later a campaign event for McAuliffe.

She even gave a speech at the event on behalf of the Democratic candidate.

During the “Fairfax Meet and Greet with Jennifer Granholm” event, she reportedly “referenced her work at the Department” and discussed issues that fall under the auspices of the Department of Energy. She also mentioned the wind turbine event she had attended during the day and referred to President Joe Biden as “my boss.”

It’s clear she was there in an official capacity.

A tweet containing video footage of the event by Katherine White, the co-founder of Network NOVA, tagged the official government account of Granholm and not her personal account.

Under the Hatch Act, federal employees are prohibited from taking part in this kind of political campaigning – and it’s a law that the Democrats often tried to accuse Trump administration officials of breaking.

But no word from the Biden administration of this blatant violation so far…