Top Biden Official Admits He Wants To Create Alliance Between U.S. And Communist China

( It looks like the Biden administration has officially given up on holding communist China to account over their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing hostility to the West, with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin suggesting over the last week that they will not seek out confrontation and will work to establish a “constructive” relationship with China.

No word on how it’s possible to have a constructive relationship with a communist nation that uses front groups and propaganda to destabilize the United States and actively covered up the outbreak of the virus in Wuhan…

In a speech, of which Austin posted a clip on Twitter, he said that he plans to improve crisis communications with the Chinese army. He also revealed his intentions to work with the Chinese Communist Party on addressing “common” problems. He did attempt to show some backbone, however, and criticized China for its aggression against India, and its crimes against humanity against the Uyghur Muslim population in Xinjiang.

It may seem good that the Biden administration acknowledges the horrific crimes being committed by China, but doesn’t it make it worse that they know human rights are being violated and people thrown into concentration camps…but still won’t stand up to China in the way for the last administration did?

Under the Trump administration, sanctions were placed against Chinese officials and members of the Chinese Communist Party were banned from entering the United States. Billions of dollars worth of tariffs were also placed on the country, which relies heavily on income from foreign nations for its manufacturing industry – but President Biden has indicated recently that those tariffs could be dropped.