Top Democrat Gushes Over Dangerous Socialist

( At her most recent campaign event, self-described “moderate” Nevada Democrat Senator Catherine Cortez Masto stated she was proud to stand with an outspoken socialist.

According to reports, Cortez Masto published a picture of herself and Tick Segerblom, stating that at the Gran Celebración Latina, she was honored to stand alongside Segerblom.

Before joining the commission, Segerblom was a state senator for over ten years and is an outspoken socialist. Segerblom is a member of the Las Vegas chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, which has referred to the politician as “Comrade Commissioner” and praised him for being one of the strongest progressive voices in Nevada.  Segerblom has said that he won’t remain silent until Nevada is a  democratic socialist state.  He also wants to see a socialist in the White House.

Tick. That’s an interesting name—a name befitting socialism.

Reports show the decision by Cortez Masto to align herself with Segerblom is probably an effort to win over the Democratic Party’s left base. But the decision would jeopardize the senator’s image as a “moderate,” which Cortez Masto has exploited to win over independents and dissatisfied Latinos in her tight reelection race against Republican candidate Adam Laxalt. Cortez Masto consistently casts her votes in favor of President Joe Biden 93% of the time.

Election reports show Cortez Masto was also pictured with Luis Gutierrez, a former Democrat congressman from Illinois. He is a former member of the now-defunct Puerto Rican Socialist Party, a Marxist organization that took its lead from Fidel Castro.

Gutiérrez pushed the Clinton and Obama administrations to reduce the sentences of more than a dozen members of the Marxist FALN, a group of militant Puerto Ricans that committed more than 130 bombings in the US between 1974 and 1983. Oscar López Rivera, the brains behind the FALN, was pardoned by then-president Barack Obama in January 2017.

According to reports, Hispanic voters, anticipated to make up around 20% of Nevada’s midterm voting next month, were the target audience for Cortez Masto’s gathering last Sunday. However, only a few days before, Cortez Masto skipped an event honoring Hispanic Heritage Month when the Democrat was scheduled to be one of the guests of honor. One Latino voter in Las Vegas told the media that he hadn’t seen her at all. The Democrats are avoiding questions because they don’t seem to enjoy answering them.