Top Democrat Leader Resigns After Scandal

( The CEO of the “Time’s Up Foundation” and “Time’s Up Now,” a Democrat-supporting organization, has resigned after leading the group for the last two years. It comes after reports suggested that Tine Tchen stood in the way of the release of a statement by one of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s alleged victims.

The Washington Post revealed on Wednesday that Tchen stopped Time’s Up, an organization that claims to be advocating for a “society free of gender-based discrimination,” from issuing a statement supporting victim Lindsey Boylan, who was the first person to publicly accuse the New York Democrat of sexually assaulting her. Boylan came forward with her allegations in December of 2020.

The Post’s report also revealed how Tchen allegedly text messaged senior advisors within her organization and told them to “stand down” from releasing a statement supporting Boylan, presumably because it would hurt the Democratic Governor of New York.

Announcing her resignation on Twitter, Tchen said it’s time for the organization to “move forward” and “evolve” as there is more work to do for women.

Clearly, Tchen doesn’t think she can help them advocate for women anymore…

She added that she is “not the leader who can accomplish that in this moment” and that she’s aware of her how position at the organization has become “divisive” and “painful” for women who shouldn’t be “battling each other in harmful ways.”

Well, at least she’s honest. She messed up big time.

What is it with Democrats and left-winger being so willing to abandon their principles for the sake of advancing their party? Even when the people they’re helping are men who (allegedly) sexually harass women?