Top Democrat Operative Busted Trying To Discredit Andrew Cuomo’s Accusers

( According to former colleagues, the resigning governor Andrew Cuomo’s top assistant Melissa DeRosa wasn’t just the closest advisor to the Governor, she was also his chief enabler and enforcer.

According to the New York Post, DeRosa, who, this weekend resigned from her position as Cuomo’s top aide, had a reputation as resident “mean girl” in the Governor’s office.

DeRosa figures prominently in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ report on the sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo. It was DeRosa, James’ report concludes, who played a key role in trying to suppress the growing scandals against the Governor.

In the attorney general’s report, the “toxic” and “abusive” work environment in Cuomo’s office starts with DeRosa and trickles down. In total, DeRosa is mentioned 187 times in James’ 168-page report. One section mentions Cuomo’s supposed penchant for referring to DeRosa, and other loyal female staffers as “mean girls.”

And according to former colleagues, DeRosa is the meanest of the bunch. The 38-year Democrat operative has a reputation of being a “ruthless, heartless, evil human being” who in her time working for her equally vindictive boss, has made quite a few enemies in Albany.

One source told the Post that the only person who created more enemies in Albany than Andrew Cuomo himself is Melissa DeRosa.

It was DeRosa who orchestrated the attempt to discredit Cuomo’s first public accuser Lindsey Boylan by leaking complaints from Boylan’s personnel file to reporters – a move DeRosa justified because, according to her, Boylan’s tweets about Cuomo had grown “more and more escalating.”

DeRosa was also involved in circulating a proposed, but never published op-ed written by Cuomo that included both personal and professional attacks on Boylan.

In the AG’s report, DeRosa admitted to yelling at an editor from the Albany Times in a successful attempt to kill a story about female state trooper assigned to Cuomo’s detail after only two years on the job rather than the required three years. That trooper is now one of Cuomo’s accusers.

DeRosa also reportedly screamed at and bullied Congresswoman Elise Stefanik in a failed attempt to force Stefanik to walk back her criticism of Cuomo’s plan to seize ventilators to upstate hospitals and transfer them to New York City in the early days of the pandemic.

Back in February, DeRosa admitted to New York Democrat lawmakers that the Cuomo administration covered up the actual number of deaths related to the governor’s nursing home order. This admission was recorded.

Two days before Governor Cuomo announced his resignation from office, Melissa DeRosa resigned from her position, no doubt due to the startling revelations contained in Letitia James’ report.