Top Democrat’s Accuser Refuses To Retract Statements

According to a report, Katie Porter, a California Democrat running for US Senate, has had her campaign claim that her ex-husband had recanted his charges of domestic violence against her.

Porter hopes to be the Democrat nominee in 2024 to replace Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who is retiring. 

Porter’s ex-husband Matt Hoffman disputed that he had renounced his charges against Congressman Porter, as alleged by Porter’s campaign.

He emphasized that he did not back down from his accusations. After an altercation in 2013, Hoffman and Porter sought protective restraining orders against the other.

Hoffman stated that Porter had broken a glass and thrown it at his head, causing him to be cut by the fragments.  He also maintains that Porter lied to the police hours after reporting the event. 

Fox News found paperwork showing that Hoffman was sorry about the charges, but Hoffman claimed he couldn’t remember saying he was sorry or retracting his accusations.

A representative for Porter told Fox that Hoffman had denied the allegations and that Porter’s ex-husband’s claim had been disproven by subsequent events.

A court granted Porter majority physical custody after considering her property’s authority, lone demand for a move-out order, and testimony from police and the doctor who conducted the custody exam.

According to reports, divorce papers filed by Katie Porter’s ex-husband allege that the California Democrat often verbally assaulted him and tossed books, toys, and even scorching mashed potatoes on the top of his head throughout their marriage.

In a request for a restraining order filed on April 30, 2013, Matthew Hoffman claimed that his irascible wife Porter routinely called him an f *ing incompetent. In March 2012, she smashed a glass coffee pot because she didn’t think the house was clean enough. Porter filed for divorce from Hoffman in 2013.

According to published reports, Hoffman stated that Porter, 49, refused to let him have a mobile phone because she said he was too f *ing stupid to use it.