Top Iranian Official Prefers Joe Biden To Donald Trump

( Democrat Joe Biden got a ringing endorsement on Tuesday – from the foreign minister of Iran.

Javad Zarif, the foreign minister of the extremist country, said Biden was the “more promising” option for Iran in the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Zarif said to CBS News:

“The statements by the Biden camp have been more promising, but we will have to wait and see.”

The foreign minister continued by saying even if Biden were to win the election, he wouldn’t renegotiate the Iran deal with his administration, but he hopes they would “act differently” from the Trump administration.

President Donald Trump and his administration have been particularly tough on extremist countries such as Iran. The administration has also gone to great lengths to broker peace deals in the Middle East, particularly between Israel and countries with Muslim majorities such as Sudan, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. Not surprisingly, Iran is not happy with those deals, as each of those Muslim countries have condemned Iran and the Palestinian Authority publicly.

A lot of Americans have liked the way the president has approached countries such as Iran, taking a hard-line stance to try to keep them from building up their nuclear weapons cache.

During the Trump administration’s pressure, Iran as fared very poorly. The country’s currency, the Iranian rial, reached its all-time low mark in October. U.S. sanctions on the country have caused “serious damage,” according to Iranian officials.

Elliott Abrams, the special Iran envoy, and Mike Pompeo, the U.S. secretary of state, have worked to increase efforts to stop Iranian trade recently. They are taking aim at Iran’s oil industry, which helps keep its economy going.

Zarif and his fellow countrymen obviously don’t like this, and they hope a Biden administration would look more favorably on Iran. When Biden was vice president under Barack Obama, in fact, engagement between the U.S. and Iran ramped up significantly. The Iran nuclear deal was brokered under the Obama administration.

Many of Biden’s top advisers don’t like the way the Trump administration has handled Iran. They specifically don’t like the way the president has aligned the U.S. more closely with Israel and engaged with other countries in the Gulf.

The FBI has also been working to identify and quell campaigns from Iran to influence the presidential election. In fact, the agency has said the country has already launched campaigns to try to hack into state election websites and voter databases.

In response to this, the Department of Homeland Security launched what’s being called the most comprehensive and complex operation ever to prevent foreign influence in the election.

As Matt Masterson, the senior cybersecurity adviser for DHS, said to the Washington Post:

“I anticipate possibly thousands of local election officials coming in to share information in real time, to coordinate, to track down what’s real and what’s not, separate fact from fiction on the ground. We’ll be able to sort through what’s happening and identify: Is this a typical election event or is this something larger?”