Top Republican Resigns Over “Cancer In Organization”

A former member of Congress and Treasurer of The American Conservative Union (ACU), Bob Beauprez, released a 13-page resignation letter, citing cancer within the organization.

The ACU is a subsidiary of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which was founded in 1974 and is regarded as a potent group on the political right. Since 2014, Matt Schlapp, a former Bush appointee and lobbyist for major pharmaceutical and technology companies, has been in charge of the group.

The letter, which includes the personal and private information of ACU employees and board members and allegedly insulted young staff workers, has as its underlying theme the topic of financial integrity.

Schlapp and the other board members received Beauprez’s letter on May 23rd. 

The letter opens by saying he could not deliver a financial report at the upcoming board meeting with confidence that the numbers were accurate.

He then discusses a “mass exodus of staff shortly before and immediately after CPAC 2023.”

He says he started to worry about the high employee turnover rate and the workforce’s stress and anxiety over three years prior. 

He discloses that many workers have professional therapists and prescription medicines. There have been tales of employees hiding in the bathroom and being seen sobbing in public. One worker at a restaurant grew so depressed that she left a gathering of friends and was later found outside in the traffic, strolling aimlessly.

The memo also alleges that Schlapp’s group violates several of its bylaws and forewarns of a future district attorney inquiry.

The letter will undoubtedly worry the other board members, including contributors like Elaine Beck and former NRA President Carolyn Meadows, as well as Morton Blackwell of the Leadership Institute and Ron Robinson of the Young America Foundation.

Not many people were present at this year’s CPAC convention in Washington, D.C. Over 10,000 people once attended the event, but just about 2,500 people did so in 2023.