Top Strategist Claims Trump Should Be VERY Concerned

A top Republican strategist said this week that the campaign for former President Donald Trump “ought to be concerned” about how they can unify the Republican party headed into the November general election.

Appearing for an interview with Fox News, Karl Rove said that there was robust support for former presidential candidate Nikki Haley at states throughout the country on Super Tuesday. Even though she was only able to win one of the 15 states that held primary elections this week — Vermont — she still was able to garner enough votes to open some eyes.

During the interview, Rove said that Super Tuesday was a “strong night for Donald Trump.” He agreed with the campaign’s assessment that he could have enough delegates to officially win the GOP nomination later this month, saying it was “probably accurate.”

But, Rove, who once served as a top aide in the George W. Bush administration, added:

“Having said that, the high command of Team Trump ought to be concerned about unifying the Republican Party.”

Rove gave his interview with Fox News before Trump spoke Tuesday night, after results from the polls came in. All of that came the night before Haley officially suspended her campaign, dropping out of the race and paving the way for Trump to win the nomination.

Before Trump gave that speech, Rove said the tone that Trump takes after future primary victories would be significant for the GOP as a whole. As Rove said:

“There’s still some work to be done to unify the Republican Party, and that’s going to depend a lot on his tone tonight and whether or not he stops doing things like calling [Haley] ‘birdbrain’ and threatening that if you give money to her campaign, you’re going to be permanently banned. …

“He did well in Iowa, with his victory statement — unifying, humble, gracious — not so good in New Hampshire. … He’s going to set an important tone for either a unified Republican Party or a divided Republican Party.”

Unifying the Republican Party going forward should prove to be a huge factor in whether Trump is able to capture the White House in the November election. After all, that election is the one that really matters — not the primary elections that will give Trump what was already really assumed, that he’d be the party’s selection to represent them.

Exit polls that came from some of the key states that held elections on Super Tuesday support the assertion that Rove made that Trump still needs to work to bring some of Haley’s supporters over to his side.

CNN cited one poll that showed more than 75% of Haley supporters said they wouldn’t commit to voting for whoever the likely GOP nominee would be come November.

For his part, Trump blasted Fox News for continuing to give Rove a platform. He posted on his Truth Social platform:

“My record on Endorsements is unmatched by anyone, EVER! Put on people who understand what is going on in politics … And while you’re at it, GET RID OF KARL ROVE!!!”