Top Terrorist Leader Taken Out By U.S.

( The United States military recently announced that a senior leader of Al-Qaida, Salim Abu-Ahmad, was killed in a drone strike on September 20.

How long will it be before we find out that President Joe Biden actually ordered a drone strike on an innocent family and children, again?

United States Central Command spokesman Army Maj. John Rigsbee announced the news to the Military Times, describing how Salim Abu-Ahmad was responsible for planning, funding and approving various trans-regional Al-Qaida attacks, and insisted that there are no indications that any civilians were hurt.

The fact that they even have to make that assurance shows just how different America’s military presence is today under the Biden administration than it was under the command of President Donald Trump/

Rigsbee said that the strike continues American operations to “degrade international terrorist networks” and to target terrorist leaders plotting to attack the United States and American allies overseas.

An unmanned drone attack on September 20 wasn’t officially recognized by CENTCOM, but rescue workers have described the attack as coming from an American drone.

Not surprising, really, is it? Joe Biden’s disastrous presidency has so far proven to just be a third Barack Obama administration, and we all know how much he liked drones.

A tweet from a Syrian news report on September 20 also acknowledged the incident. It explained how the United States resumed its drone strikes in Idlib, with a car being destroyed and one person being killed.


Reports of the incident came only a day after the Taliban, which now has full control over Afghanistan, warned that there would be consequences if the United States military did not stop flying drones over their airspace.

Reuters shared a statement from the Taliban which accused the United States of violating international rights and laws, as well as commitments made to the Taliban in Doha, Qatar.

The United States might be taking out terrorist leaders, but it all seems too little too late, now that 13 American soldiers have died in a terror attack outside of Kabul’s international airport following President Joe Biden’s disastrous decision to withdraw troops before evacuating American citizens.