Top Twitter Official Leaves

( Yoel Roth, who replaced fired executive Vijaya Gadde as the head of Twitter’s Trust & Safety department, quit the company last week along with other key executives including the chief compliance officer, chief privacy officer, and head of sales.

When Musk made Roth the head of Trust & Safety after firing Gadde, conservatives on Twitter weren’t especially happy with the decision since Roth had a history of making partisan attacks on Republicans and Donald Trump, including describing the Trump administration as “actual Nazis.”

Since the Trust & Safety department was the driving force behind Twitter’s censorship policies, placing a guy like Roth at the top was viewed as a step backward.

But not for long, as it turns out.

And while Roth’s departure may quell the criticism from conservatives on Twitter, it is the departure of the chief compliance officer and chief privacy officer that may cause headaches for Elon Musk going forward.

The chief compliance officer is responsible for making sure Twitter remains in line with government regulations while the chief privacy officer handles sensitive issues of user data, an issue that has become a focus of political and regulatory scrutiny in recent years.

The departure of these two executives got the attention of the Federal Trade Commission.

Douglas Farrar, the FTC’s director of public affairs told Reuters that the commission has been tracking the developments at Twitter “with deep concern.”

Farrar told Reuters that no company or CEO “is above the law” and companies are required to follow the FTC’s consent decrees. He warned that the FTC is prepared to use the tools at its disposal to ensure Twitter’s compliance.

Earlier this year, before Elon Musk took over the company, Twitter had to pay $150 million to the FTC to settle allegations that it used Twitter users’ private information to target ads despite promising that the data would only be used for security purposes.