Top U.S. Doctor Reverses Stance On Wuhan Lab Theory

( Dr. Ian Lipkin, who is an American virologist who previously claimed that he knew of no evidence that the Chinese coronavirus could have come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, has reversed his previous stance in an interview and is not effectively admitting that it’s perfectly likely or possible that this is the true origin of the virus.

Isn’t it convenient how all these scientists and public health officials are finally admitting the truth now that they’ve forced President Donald Trump out of office and elected an incompetent puppet president who will do whatever they say from now on?

In June, Lipkin suggested that if there are hundreds of bat samples coming into the Wuhan lab, and if some of them are not characterized, then scientists in China wouldn’t know whether or not the virus was in the lab.

The comments were revealed in a report by the National Pulse, and come after he admitted that he was informed about a “new outbreak” of a bat coronavirus in Wuhan on December 15th, 2019. A documentary by Spike Lee titled “NYC Epicenters” reveals the shocking information, proving how the Chinese Communist Party’s timeline of events doesn’t add up.

The CCP says that they first told the World Health Organization about an outbreak on December 31 that year. The Chinese government also claims that they were perfectly upfront about the information, too. That means somebody is lying.

Did the CCP not inform the WHO when they said they did? Or did they inform the WHO, and did the WHO keep that information quiet for a matter of weeks?

Lipkin is already known to have links to the Chinese Communist Party, and was used widely by the mainstream press to “debunk” claims about the origins of the virus.

And now that he’s admitting the Wuhan lab could not have known whether the virus originated there or not, we have many more questions for him.