Total Meltdown At Twitter Headquarters Reported

( While Elon Musk was prepared to buy out Twitter in a hostile takeover offer, he attacked the platform’s moderation procedures for disproportionately targeting conservative views.

When the board accepted the sale, several woke workers and many in Hollywood melted down.

Twitter now requires a vice president to approve all non-‘business-critical’ product improvements. Bloomberg said that the measure was made to prevent renegade employees from calling Musk a threat to democracy and sabotging him.

We’re seeing what transpired behind the scenes when Musk’s offer to acquire the firm went through.

Thanks to Project Veritas audio leaks, we now know more about the mayhem at Twitter HQ.

Leslie Berland, Twitter’s Chief Marketing Officer, said that Elon Musk publicly stated that their health policies and differences were a big part of why he acquired the platform. Thus, everyone who cares about health on Twitter is put in a challenging position.

This arrogant statement illustrates nanny-state views that impacted Twitter’s censoring during the Covid-19 outbreak. Twitter’s CEO, Parag Agrawal, also commented on Elon Musk’s acquisition.

Agrawal believes they can make the dialogue on Twitter safe and have established tools and processes for users to feel comfortable in their experiences.

Agrawal said Twitter would expand as a service but feels they have a lot of work to keep improving. That involves intelligent moderation. That includes adjusting product incentives to tackle issues with goods and occasionally policies.

Despite his aspirations to take the firm private, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey expressed great faith in Elon Musk.

Dorsey says he loves Twitter and cares about the concept and service, and would do anything to safeguard them. Twitter as a corporation has always been Dorsey’s primary grievance.

Dorsey feels that no one should own or operate Twitter. It aspires to be a protocol, not a corporation. But on the issue of it being a firm, he believes in Musk. He believes in his objective to spread consciousness.

According to Dorsey, Elon’s objective of building a maximally trusted and broadly inclusive platform is sound.