Tragic Car Crash Claims Life of British Baby Boy and Aunt

After an accident on the A1 killed a toddler and his aunt, a man was charged with two counts of causing death by hazardous driving.

According to Durham Police, a man collided with the car carrying Zackary Blades, who was only eight months old, and thirty-year-old Karlene Warner at around 3.15 in the morning on Friday when they were traveling between Chester-le-Street and Durham.

The two tragically died from the injuries they suffered. Shalorna Warner, who is Zackary’s mom, was driving the car and had some minor injuries.

Shalorna Warner, 26, is currently struggling to cope with the terrifying event.

Police detained a 38-year-old man from South Yorkshire.

On May 31, around 3:15 a.m., an Audi Q5 collided with Karlene Warner’s Peugeot 308 as they were traveling on the A1(M) between Chester-le-Street and Durham. Her sister and her baby boy were killed instantly.

Death by reckless driving and possession of a bladed object are the charges that have since been filed against the other driver. The magistrates’ court in Newton Aycliffe will hear his case on Monday after remanding him in jail.

The bereaved relatives have paid homage, stating that they “found comfort” in the fact that the two “are together.”

Zackary was a “happy, cheeky boy” who, according to his loved ones, was deprived of the opportunity to mature.

Karlene, a single mother, was praised as a “bright shining diamond” with a bright future ahead of her.

The family mentioned that the baby enjoyed eating, made some sounds like “mama,” and was just starting to get his top teeth.

Karlene, who is survived by her daughter Everly, was also honored by her relatives.

They wrote in Memorium that it is difficult to put into words to describe the fantastic mother, partner, daughter, sister, granddaughter, auntie, niece, and friend Karlene was.